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Leather Inspection

EasyInspect for leather inspection is a fully automatic inspection solution for whole hides. It detects defects from the very early stages in the hides' processing journey (e.g. WetBlue, WetWhite, WetGreen) to the finished leather.

The fully automatic inspection station detects defects of all kinds, positions and sizes and displays the result in a quality map that also contains all information necessary required for nesting software.


Typical defects EasyInspect detects in hides are 

Holes and open defects, e.g. 

  • pinholes

Overgrown defects, e.g.

  • scars, hedge cracks
  • horn bumps, warts

Parasite damage, e.g.

  • bites, lice, mites. ,,,

Rough areas, e.g.

  • rough spots, dung plates
  • scuff marks, ...

Natural features, e.g.

  • loose grain, neck gooves
  • mast folds, wrikles
  • veininess, butcher marks
  • pigment spots

Label positions on the hide, e.g. 

  • for cross-checking stations or cutters

In an offline inspection station, EasyInspect features a felt conveyor onto which the hide is placed. Using light vacuum at the front the hide is flattened and its position on the conveyor is secured. Strong vacuum in the scanning area, where the high-speed cameras inspect the hide's surface, ensures optimal inspection results, particularly for butcher marks. 

As an inline inspection station, EasyInspect can be integrated into existing cutters. 


Perform multiple tasks with a single system

EasyInspect for leather inspection uses Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology  This allows simultaneous

  • detection of smallest natural flaws
  • multi-angle illuminations for optimum view
  • multiple views of the same flaw in real-time, each of which shows different characteristics of the recorded flaw

All characteristics are evaluated using Dr. Schenk's artificial intelligence solutions to determine different quality areas on the hide. The result is a quality map, showing different quality areas of the hide in different colros for quick and easy indentification. EasyInspect for leather inspection ensures comprehensive inspection of hides at all production stages with optimal perspectives for each flaw at all times.

Loose grain
Loose grain
Butcher cut
Butcher cut
Rough area
Rough area
Mast fold
Mast fold
Open defect
Open defect