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AI Solutions

AI (artificial intelligence) solutions by Dr. Schenk are here to make your life easier - for example by facilitating material change.

Using MIDA X as the basis for perfect identification of defects through segmentation is the beginning of a journey that will create automatic classification algorithms for you. Why spend more time on detection and classification than necessary?


Your advantages from AI solutions by Dr. Schenk are:

  • AI-assisted defect library creation
  • AI analysis of defect features and gray images
  • AI-based classification improvement
  • Machine-learning: system improves with every defect input and classification pass
AI solutions by Dr. Schenk: artificial intelligence, deep learning and neural network architecture assist you in your daily work

Insect or contamination?

Multiple-threshold approach of conventional inspection systems

AI software solution by Dr. Schenk

Dr. Schenk MIDA X is the intelligent answer to segmentation issues. It will determine defect contours and characteristics precisely with minimal input from you.

Dr. Schenk AI solutions with neural network architecture, deep learning and self-improving algorithms will take care of the rest and return your classification. And the best of all? The more information the system analyzes in this manner the more intelligent it becomes. This way operators can spend more time on optimizing their product than on training their system.

Dr. Schenk AI solutions: best in class for your inspection needs:

  • acquire inspection results faster and with less effort
  • find defects other inspection systems cannot find - at zero false-hit rate
  • get the most out of your inspection sytem