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Web Inspection Division

In the area of automated web inspection, Dr. Schenk has acquired far-reaching expertise, both in the manufacturing process and in the possible sources of defects / imperfections.

This allows us to develop classification methods capable of pinpointing surface irregularities with absolute precision. Contributing to this performance feature is the extremely high reliability of the Dr. Schenk web inspection solutions, specifically geared to conversion of paper and plastic foils (Dr. Schenk technology measures plastic layers and coatings of widely different material thicknesses with maximum precision - even in multi-layered stacks.)

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Glass Inspection Division

Dr. Schenk's turnkey vision systems set a new standard for flat glass inspection. Providing the highest sensitivity and reliability, these high-performance systems offer precise defect size determination, unmatched in the industry. Along with their unique defect classification, they provide feedback on all aspects of quality and process control throughout the production of all kinds of flat glass.

An innovative optical design has made the Dr. Schenk glass inspection systems the first choice in the flat panel display industry. The associated demanding inspection requirements have led to solutions which manufacturers of all flat glass application areas benefit from.

Dr. Schenk offers a complete range of surface and edge inspection solutions, in-line, as well as stand-alone, with loading and unloading capability, for any kind of flat glass inspection, from the initial float glass to the finished glass sheet for

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Solar Division

With the rapid growth in the photovoltaics industry the inspection and process control of thin film solar modules has become a major topic of discussion among manufacturers and production line suppliers.

The Dr. Schenk SolarInspect series has been designed to fulfill the special requirements throughout the production of thin film solar modules. These turnkey vision systems offer reliable quality control for the entire running production process.

  • Incoming Bare Glass
  • Coated Glass, e.g. TCO, Molybden
  • Layer Deposition
  • Structuring/Laser Scribing
  • Chemical Steps
  • Edge Deletion
  • Back Glass
  • Finished Modules

In addition, continuous monitoring of the production process allows timely corrective action to be taken when process deviations appear.

With the technology series SolarMeasure, Dr. Schenk has complemented its product range with precise and reliable measurement solutions that focus on the physical characteristics of thin film solar modules. These innovative developments are available as stand-alone systems like the Electrical Insulation Tester or as options integrated into SolarInspect systems (e.g. Layer Thickness Monitoring or the Microscope Review Station).

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Customized Solutions for Surface Inspection

Dr. Schenk has extraordinary capabilities in front end optical design because in surface scanning everything starts with the best possible image. Trend-setting innovations developed by Dr. Schenk include special user-related solutions for manufacturing processes that point the way towards the future. Such solutions are being employed in fiber-optic based communications or in the semiconductor industry, for example.

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