Trend-Setting Innovations

ITO/TCO Hard-Coated Film Inspection

EasyInspect for ITO/TCO hard-coated film inspection ensures optimum OLED and TFT quality of the base material and of the coatings of the finished product.

EasyMeasure monitors physical material properties, such as area distribution of local coating thickness, doping, uniformity of optical density or local surface resistivity/capacity.

EasyInspect for ITO/TCO hard-coated film inspection is used for local defect detection, for example scratch detection, hole detection and particle detection of particles as small as 1 µm.

TCO Monitoring

...for OLED Lighting & Display Applications

The brightness of an OLED-based illumination or display is determined by the following factors:

  • Area distribution of local coating thicknes
  • Uniformity of optical density
  • Quality of the TCO coating

By measuring electrical resistivity, coating variations become visible as variations in brightness and color, and can be displayed and monitored by EasyMeasure.

...for Touchscreen Applications

The surface sensitivity of touchscreens depends largely on the local surface resistivity or capacity which is mainly influenced by the TCO coating thickness and/or doping. Deviations in this can cause different levels of light transmissibility which are monitored by EasyMeasure.

  • EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for ITO/TCO hard-coated film use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology to inspect blown film base and converted materials with multiple optical channels on a single scan line. One defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market.
ITO/TCO hard-coated film inspection
Hole Defect
Scratch Defect
EasyMeasure Homogeneity Map 1
Easy Measure 1
EasyMeasure Homogeneity Map 2
Easy Measure 2
Easy Measure 3
Easy Measure 4