Trend-Setting Innovations

Other Applications

The modularity and flexibility of GlassInspect and EasyInspect, Dr. Schenk’s main inspection platforms which are applied to films, glass sheets, nonwovens, etc. is also applicable to smaller market segments and applications in specialty markets.

Coated Architectural and Interior Design Elements

Dr. Schenk‘s EasyInspect system is the perfect automatic surface inspection solution for all types of uniformly coated, flat architectural surfaces from doors, table tops and kitchen counters, to interior and exterior building panels.

The inspection solution is as versatile as the range of products that can be inspected. From small applications like coated furniture parts to regular doors or large building siding elements, the automatic inspection with EasyInspect and EasyMeasure improves quality and reduces waste.

PCB and Prepreg Materials

Dr. Schenk helps PCB and Prepreg materials manufacturers to combine the detection of defects with material monitoring. Materials that can be inspected include:

  • Glass fiber
  • Prepreg
  • Copper foils
  • Release Films
  • Dry film & Cap sheets
  • Flex PCB (Kapton etc.)
  • Polyamide

Security Paper

In cooperation with leading manufacturers of security paper, Dr. Schenk has developed a purpose-built solution that fulfills the quality and process control requirements for sophisticated paper applications. It recognizes all state-of-the-art security features and by its flexible design, new parameters can easily be included as new security features evolve.

...and Many More

With the powerful optics, versatile software and integrated solution approach, the systems from Dr. Schenk can be adapted to a multitude of inspection tasks and applications. Contact us to find out more!