Pristine Glass Surfaces Inspection

Many modern applications require defect-free glass fronts for pristine cosmetic appearance and optimum functionality. These applications include, e.g. flat screen TVs, appliance veneer glass for stove tops or kitchen fronts, automotive displays and mobile devices such as tablet PCs and cellular phones.

These high-end glass products require crystal clear images, they have to withstand everyday use and allow navigation.

Pristine Glass Surfaces Inspection
Stylized touch screen
Touch screen on a navigation system

Dr. Schenk’s GlassInspect & GlassMeasure for pristine surface glass make it possible to catch cosmetic defects, such as stains, scratches or inclusions in the glass early in the production process. The same goes for defects which could lead to glass breakage later in the production process.

The Dr. Schenk systems apply a combination of advanced optics and illumination, using up to 16 optical channels in 1 system to inspect the front and reverse of surface glass and its coatings. In addition, edge defects are detected, and the entire glass edge is inspected. This helps to save money, as glass that is defective or does not meet the predefined quality standards can be excluded from further processing.

The results are fed back into the production line for continuous improvement of the production process. Sheet frames, inner edges, and special sheet areas - like barcodes, printed areas or drill holes - pose no problem for automatic inspection. Contours, sharpness of printing and even bar codes can be inspected with GlassInspect.

Oven with glass front
Glass stove

Glass Inspect is used for local defect detection. Typical tasks in pristine glass surfaces inspection inlcude:

  • Stain fiber defect detection
  • Scratch defect detection
  • Stone defect detection
  • Crack defect detection
  • Fingerprint defect detection
  • Coating defect detection

GlassInspect & GlassMeasure for pristine glass surfaces inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology so one defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market

Scratch defect
Stone defect
Crack defect
Fingerprint defect
Coating defect