Cell Inspection

Dr. Schenk‘s GlassInspect for cell inspection detects local defects and irregularities that occur in the manufacturing and processing of liquid crystal displays (LCD).

GlassInspect for cell inspection is used for local defect detection. Typical tasks in cell inspection include the detection of:

  • Press mark defects
  • Scratch defects
  • Inclusion defects
  • Bubble defects
  • Water ripple defects
  • Bump defects
  • Pollution defects

GlassInspect for cell inspection uses Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology so one defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market.

Bump defect
Press mark defect
Scratch defect
Water ripple defect
Pollution defect

Cell Inspection - Dr. Schenk Solutions at a Glance

GlassInspect for Cell Inspection

GlassInspect for Cell Inspection

  • Application: inspection of cells
  • Typical defects: bumps, press marks, scratches, inclusions, bubbles
GlassInspect for Q-Panel

GlassInspect for Q-Panel

  • Application: inspection of Q-panels for cover glass
  • Typical defects: surface defects, edge defects