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Who is Dr. Schenk?

Dr. Schenk GmbH is an innovative high-tech company. We develop, produce and market optical inspection and measurement solutions for automated quality assurance and production process monitoring. Over 300 employees continue to set new standards for surface inspection throughout the world. The objective of all activities is complete satisfaction of our customers. From modular standard units to highly customized systems – Dr. Schenk’s inspection and measurement solutions have our customers' material in focus!

Whom do we seek?

Technician, electronics technicians, electrical and precision mechanics, IT specialists, software developers, economists, project engineers or project managers: all share the passion for high-tech and innovative development. If you too are driven by this passion then join us now! Become a part of our worldwide growing team and shape the future with us.


Five reasons to choose Dr. Schenk as your employer

1. Future-proof high-tech products

  • Dr. Schenk inspection systems are always on the cutting edge.

We focus on innovative, quickly developing markets, such as the inspection of displays ad touch screens. This secures exciting workplaces today and in the future as our solutions for automated inspection are leading the world market.

2. We value our employees

  • Value-oriented company management and a collegial company culture - these are givens for us because we place our employees at the center, not share holders

Respect, appreciation and readiness to help move us ahead as a team. The ability to balance professional and private life is important to us which is why we offer flexible working models.

3. We aim for a long-term cooperation

  • Hire and fire is not our way.

We choose new colleagues carefully because we are interested in working with them for a long time. For that reason the majority of our employment contracts are of indefinite duration and the rate of employee turnover is low.

4. Ambitious projects and sustainability

  • A job that does not become boring, colleagues with whom you enjoy working and a feeling of contributing in a way that matters by securing sustainable production processes.

Ambitious worldwide projects with modular systems as well as highly sophisticated, special equipment await you. Dr. Schenk inspection solutions show unwanted changes in the production process and defects in the material early on, helping to save resources.

Our proprietary, highly sensitive cameras, ultra-bright illumination units and intelligent algorithms don't miss anything. We assist in making a good thing even better, reducing waste and securing the quality of the final products (from smart phones, tablets and TVs to packaging films for medical uses all the way to glass facades and solar panels).

5. We offer more than a salary: the complete Dr. Schenk package

  • We pay an attractive, performance-oriented salary that is evaluated every year.
  • Our employees receive 30 vacation days per year in addition to personal leave days, because we know that recharging your batteries is important.
  • Physical wellbeing is also well taken care of: subsidized, varied catering is prepared fresh every day.
  • Company fitness groups, an exercise room and more support your health.
  • Free parking at all Dr. Schenk locations round off the complete package.