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In 1985, Dr. Christoph Schenk developed a revolutionary high speed and high resolution automated inspection system for optical media and continuous web products, replacing the need for manual inspection by the human eye. This same year, Dr. Schenk founded Dr. Schenk GmbH to meet the growing demand for his inspection equipment.

Schenk has maintained a solid reputation for its Quality Control and Process Control scanners rooted in integrity and innovation. Schenk scanners map localized imperfections on material, gauge mechanical and optical properties of the material and perform accurate and fast measurement of the mechanical and optical properties.

In 2004, Dr. Schenk received certification according to ISO 9001. For more than 30 years, Dr. Schenk has been well-known as a reliable partner for providing test and inspection systems of outstanding quality and the highest reliability. This certification is just one more way that Dr. Schenk testifies to its customers its rigorous quality management system and its commitment to continuous improvement.

The Dr. Schenk customers and business partners are assured that all processes and services, from the initial contact, the product specification, design and manufacturing, up to the test procedures, installation, training and long-term service support, are performed to the highest, precisely defined quality standards.

The company’s sustainable growth is a testament to success: two new production halls were added in Graefelfing in 2012 and 2014 to match the manufacturing and office space requirements with the steadily increasing number of inspection systems the company builds and delivers.

In 2018 the Dr. Schenk headquarters were moved from Martinsried to a brand new company building in Graefelfing, facilitating close cooperation to the benefit of both employees and the customers of Dr. Schenk GmbH. Together, more than 18,000 m² of modern, clean-room capable production and test facilities are available in Martinsried and Graefelfing for the development of first-class inspection and measurement solutions.

With over 16,000 systems installed worldwide by the end of 2020, and offices around the globe, Dr. Schenk remains a leader in the ever-changing field of surface inspection.