Glass Wafer Particle Inspection

Dr. Schenk ParticleInspect for glass wafer particle inspection is designed for high-speed particle detection of bare glass wafers and glass wafers with AR coating.

Dr. Schenk PartcileInspect provides high resolution scanning for smallest particles, such as

  • dust
  • hair
  • fibers
  • adhered glass chips

This helps ensures that sources of contamination can be identified and addressed before large production loses occur.

ParticleInspect for bare glass wafer inspection can differentiate clearly between A-side and B-side particles, an exclusive benefit of the Dr. Schenk inspection. The system comprises a complete stand alone AOI solution with drawer handling.

Glass Wafer Particle Inspection
Particles 1.0 µm
Particles 3.0 µm
Particles 5.0 µm
Defect map: overview after particle scan