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Inspection of Medical Respirator Material

Monitor respirator material in its entirety for functionally important local defects & material variations to ensure the safety of the final product

Dr. Schenk EasyInspect & EasyMeasure detect local defects and material variations for 100 % of your respirator material. Unlike typical offline sample testing methods or traversing measurement heads, EasyInspect & EasyMeasure ensures 100 % of your material is inspected inline. 

Monitoring overall variations of material properties, such as grammage and porosity, are essential to the repirator's desired function. Therefore these characteristics must be monitored closely, covering the complete width and breadth of the respirator material. 

EasyInspect & EasyMeasure do this simultaneously with the inspection of the material for local defects. This reduces time, waste and cost while increasing quality and profit. 

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