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I-V Curve Tracer

The Dr. Schenk I-V curve tracer measures the I-V curves of thin-film modules before lamination. The fully automated system is based on a proprietary LED illumination technology which enables an evaluation of the electrical characteristics of the entire thin-film panel, as well as the detection of local variations. It enables uniquely electrical characterization by:

  • Space-Resolved Measurement
  • Wavelength-Resolved Measurement
  • Irradiance-Resolved Measurement
I-V Curve Tracer
I-V Curve Tracer

Unlike conventional flasher-tests, the measurement of the I-V curve tracer can be performed in-line before the lamination step and can, thus, serve as a GO/NO-GO tester to decide whether a panel is further processed. The I-V curve tracer can also be used as an off-line tool.

By correlating the measurement results of the I-V curve tracer with data from preceding indirect optical measurements (e.g. local defects, layer thickness, haze etc.), this innovative solution serves as a valuable process control tool for the previous production steps.

The system features a three quadrant four point measurement for optimized determination of the serial and parallel resistance as well as an I-V measurement in forward direction without light. The system comes fully automated with handling and a flexible, mechanical contacting mechanism to be integrated into a production line or to be used offline as a stand-alone tool.

3D Graph
3D Graph
2D graph
2D graph

Next to the 2D display of I-V curves per measurement point, the I-V curve tracer software offers intuitive 3D charts - cell by cell or for a cell row.

I-V Curve Tracer Features at a Glance

  • Modular system design
  • Adaptable to all substrate sizes and to any number of cells
  • Spatial resolution: e.g. 1,760 measurement areas for a PV panel of the size 1100 x 1300 mm
  • Three Quadrant Measurement
  • Measurement Parameters: Voc, Isc, Pmax, FF, Rserial, Rparallel
  • Four Point Measurement Technology
  • High-performance LED units - nearly maintenance-free due to long lifetime
  • Fully automated system with handling for loading, positioning, unloading
  • Mechanical contacting combs
  • High durable, easy to exchange probes
  • Interfacing via Ethernet or Digital I/O
  • GO/NO-GO result via digital I/O (good/bad)
  • Detailed measurement analysis with intuitive 3D charts
  • Extensive Data Storage functions

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