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Paper Inspection

Paper inspection
Paper inspection

EasyInspect for paper inspection reliably detects defects in paper and coated paper, monitors presence, position and properties of the incorporated security features and additionally measures the geometry of the paper sheets. It works on a real-time basis enabling immediate root-cause analysis and corrective action.

As an alternative to existing inspection solutions, the Schenk systems convince customers by offering the following advantages:

  • High resolution CMOS Line Scan Cameras
  • High resolution cameras for absolutely realistic, microscope-like defect images
  • Easy calibration, robust and maintenance-free compared to laser systems
  • Transparency of product and project
  • Customer-involvement at early planning stage
  • Full transparency of features and operating principles
  • No “Black Box”
  • Tailor-made and flexible for future enhancements
  • Designed according to client specifications
  • Enhanced defect classifications aligned with customer terminology
  • Open to future additions as products evolve

EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for paper inspection use Dr. Schenk's groundbreaking MIDA Technology that offers paper manufacturers extensive tools for the analysis and quality rating of the paper by providing an immediate identification of sheets that do not meet the quality criteria.