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PROmeteus MT-200

Comprehensive Measurement and Test Systems for Physical Properties of Optical Discs

A Touch of Blue

The PROmeteus MT-200 is a fundamental off-line measurement system designed for quality assurance and production process control during optical disc replication. Equipped with a range of valuable features, PROmeteus sets the industry standard worldwide for measurement of mechanical and optical properties of optical discs and stampers.

As a complement to in-line inspection, the PROmeteus MT-200 tests and evaluates all prerecorded, recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs, as well as new formats like DVD-R DL, Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD and UDO. This tester, unmatched in efficiency and reliability, provides new insights into your replication. It measures all the relevant physical properties and verifies the specifications of all existing optical disc formats. The PROmeteus MT-200 analyzes the whole disc, embodying an indispensable analytical tool for process stabilization and root cause analysis.

Fast feedback on the production process enables the replicator to take corrective actions at an early stage, leading to yield enhancement and a noticeable improvement of the production process.

Groove Evaluation

The PROmeteus MT-200 can optionally be equipped with a blue laser light source. Due to the shorter wavelength of the blue laser, the angles of the 1st and 2nd diffraction orders are much smaller compared to a red or green laser. This enables reliable measurement of their light intensities, leading to enhanced evaluation of groove shapes and groove symmetry of all recordable and rewritable DVDs, as well as high-density discs, like Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Acceleration Defect Analysis

The HIGH-RES ACC option of the PROmeteus MT-200 enables enhanced evaluation of acceleration defects on the complete disc. This high-resolution measurement of smallest local deformations is particularly important for high-speed DVD-R and DVD-R DL discs, demanding maximum flatness for proper recording. Previously, only possible on electrical testers with significant time delay, the HIGH-RES ACC option provides immediate feedback on process issues. This allows corrective actions to be taken in time, ensuring a continuous high yield.

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