Dr. Schenk GmbH

Off-Line Handling Station

Quality control of all optical disc formats

This handling system is designed for automatic transportation of optical discs (e.g. CD, CD-R, DVD, etc.) to and from an automatic inspection unit, e.g. a VCC.ism.

The system comprises an input buffer where the user can load discs onto a number of carrier spindles. From this input buffer, the system takes one disc after the other and places it onto the inspection unit.

After each respective disc has been inspected, it is loaded onto either a scrap spindle (bad discs) or onto an output spindle buffer (which contains the good discs), depending on the inspection result (each inspected disc is classified as good or bad).


  • Input buffer for 8 spindles, output buffer for 8 spindles, 1 scrap spindle
  • Handling system can be equipped with all available Dr. Schenk in-line scanners or Ident Code Readers
  • Compact mechanical design for minimum footprint
  • Mechanical design adjustable to all commonly used spindle types and disc types
  • Handling time for 1 disc: 1 sec
  • Maintenance-free electrical equipment and low-maintenance mechanical design
  • Full automatic mode, several convenient operating modes for test purposes
  • Operator panel for easy operation and display of all operating mode messages
  • Pre-adjustable number of discs on the output buffer spindles, disc counter for output and scrap spindles

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