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In-Line Scanners


Quality assurance and process control for all optical disc formats

The ISM in-line scanner is a high-performance inspection and measurement system to accomplish automated quality assurance and production process monitoring for all optical media, including high-density formats like Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD.

Throughout the manufacturing process of prerecorded, recordable, and rewritable optical media, the ISM system inspects for local defects and irregularities, and measures mechanical and optical characteristics.

Close contact with replication line manufacturers ensures that the highly flexible and modular ISM system fits into all replication lines. Its fast and easy integration is appreciated by line manufacturers and end users alike. Moreover, due to its unmatched reliability, most customers select the ISM system as their in-line scanner of choice.

Highest Sensitivity

12 bit high resolution CCD line-scan cameras, with closed loop control of camera gain, feature 16 times higher resolution than conventional 8 bit cameras at consistent sensitivity

Unmatched Reliability

Real-time operating system starts from flash memory, no hard disk with limited lifetime is required. An embedded Linux operating system ensures stable and continuous operation. Smart temperature management based on leading-edge electronics and low power LED illumination allows lowest heat radiation. Design rules which ensure that the ISM in-line scanner successfully reaches highest reliability and repeatability.

Maintenance Free

Closed loop control of illumination power eliminates the need for re-calibration. Combined with longlife LED illumination, maintenance is negligible.

Easy to Use

Well-known and proven user interface VPC is combined with an instant classifier for the detected defects. Grayscale images support an easy feedback for the operator.

Faster than Ever

Leading-edge evaluation electronics, combined with compactness and ease of use, results in maximum processing speed and highest flexibility.


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