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high-resolution stamper and master inspection system enables continuous quality control of new and used masters and stampers for all optical disc formats.

The VCC.ism-L+ high-resolution optical inspection system is a quality assurance system for inspecting stampers and masters for all optical disc formats, including DVD-RAM with headers and MO with sector marks (optional). The automatic optical inspection is superior to the currently used visual or microscopic inspection, enabling a continuous and steady quality control of new and used stampers.

The inspection system consists of an optics head mounted in a stand-alone box and a connected PC for high-speed evaluation and visualization.

The stampers are retained on the turntable by magnetic force. Easily exchangeable center pins are provided to comply with different center hole sizes of the stampers. An additional centering unit is available for the inspection of glass masters. Optionally the inspection of stampers without center hole is possible.


  • Microscopic image of defects enables a quick visual assessment of defects
  • User-friendly operator interface for manual operation, with hotkeys for various functions
  • Automatic detection of various types of local, local cumulated and global cumulated defects
  • Plug and play operation with pre-set inspection parameters for all glass master and stamper types
  • Simple inspection parameter modification allows an individual adjustment of the sensitivity
  • Stamper identification for each inspection
  • Quick visual defect assignment through barcode and ident code location within the defect map
  • Archiving of inspection results in a database to ensure proof of quality at any time
  • Print-screen function for all displays to simply generate inspection result quality tags
  • Automatic light-power adaptation to comply with different reflectivities of stampers and glass masters
  • Closed-loop control for illumination intensity and camera gain assures constant sensitivity
  • Highly sophisticated pattern recognition software for header detection of structured stampers or glass masters like for DVD-RAM and MO (optional)

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