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Nonwoven Inspection

Nonwoven inspection e.g for medial applications
Nonwoven inspection e.g for medical applications

EasyInspect for nonwoven inspection is a complete solution for the detection of defects in nonwoven materials of many different technologies, such as spundbond, spunlaced, meltblown, composite, wetlaid, airlaid, carded, needlepunched, thermal bond etc. and for many different applications. It examines 100% of the nonwoven surface for local defects. 

EasyMeasure continuously monitors the complete material width for a low variation coefficient of the production as regards important properties of nonwoven fabrics, for example material homogeneity, grammage and formation.

Typical tasks in nonwoven production include:

  • Fish eye detection
  • Contamination detection
  • Broken filament detection
  • False color fiber detection
  • Scratch detection
  • Dent detection
  • Roping detection
  • Oil stain detection
  • Wrinkle detection
  • Drop detection
  • Coating defect detection
  • Streak detection
  • Holes by fiber break detection
  • ...and many more!

Dr. Schenk’s histogram evaluation helps to distinguish clearly between regular brightness variations and variations caused by material defects.


EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for nonwoven inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology to inspect nonwoven fabrics with multiple optical channels on a single scan line. One defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market.

Fiber lump
Puff ball
Unevenness b/w
Unevenness color

Typical nonwoven applications and EasyInspect / EasyMeasure tasks include:

  • Hygiene material inspection
  • Medical care material inspection
  • Personal care material inspection
  • Civil engineering material inspection
  • Automotive material inspection
  • Filter material inspection
  • ...and many more!

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