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European Research Project "HIFLEX" for OPV Applications Completes Major Milestone

Dr. Schenk's SolarInspect RollToRoll: Successfully Installed & Tested


The new OPV modules are flexible and as thin as plastic films; they are light-weight and vary in color. (Photo: Dr. Schenk GmbH Industriemesstechnik)

In 2010 Dr. Schenk GmbH announced its participation in the European "HIFLEX" research project. In March 2012 this project has completed a major milestone: A Dr. Schenk SolarInspect RollToRoll Metrology System was successfully installed and tested at DTU.

Dr. Schenk offers considerable know-how in the production processes of thin-film PV modules and in the securing of the corresponding quality requirements - one of the reasons, the company was chosen as a participant in HIFLEX.

SolarInspect assist manufacturers in the reliable detection of local material defects along the production lines. This leads to higher quality modules and a higher profit margin. Thanks to the additional monitoring and measurement options SolarMeasure, metrology data from various analysis steps can be correlated. It can then be used  to generate a comprehensive overview of the complete manufacturing process.


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