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Vision with Tradition

Dr. Schenk combines core competencies in-house including an optical and physical laboratory for innovative camera and illumination solutions, as well as for sophisticated test and measurement applications.

A mechanical design center provides high precision and modular designs. Hardware and software specialists deliver highest speed electronics, interfaces and reporting for user-friendly customized solutions.

Dr. Schenk's ISO 9001 plaque

At Dr. Schenk, quality comes first. This also applies to the company's internal and external processes. Since 2004, the Dr. Schenk GmbH has been  ISO 9001 certified (275 KB) and continuously improves R&D, production and sales processes to maximize customer satisfaction.

With over 30 years of experience in surface inspection Dr. Schenk offers high-tech vision solutions specialized for the web industry.

Measurement of material properties  
Optical setup and illumination modules

Measuring Technique: Highly precise measurement of optical,
and mechanical properties, like geometry, surface flatness, deformation, or layer thickness.

Optical Laboratory: Development of advanced optical setup and illumination modules, well adapted to customer needs.
Smart camera systemsBright-field and dark-field illumination setups

Camera Systems: Advanced image processing based on ultra high sensitive cameras and sophisticated illumination.

Laser Scanner: Highest defect sensitivity with bright-field and dark-field illumination, applied either as stand- alone system, or in combination with cameras.

Mechanical integration

Ergonomic defect analysis software

Mechanical Integration: Optimally adjusted and highly flexible design, based on far-reaching experience, ranging from clean rooms to rough industrial environments.

Ergonomic Software: User-friendly interface according to SEMI standards; reliable and accurate defect classification; networking for further evaluation.

Monitor respirator material in its entirety for functionally important local defects & material...[more]

The new company headquarters in Graefelfing, Germany

Dr. Schenk continues to grow and expand[more]

As of October 2019 Dr. Schenk offers an exclusive 10-year product warranty for newly purchased Dr....[more]