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Schenk Vision specializes in automated industrial inspection systems that detect defects and irregularities on and within your material. Our long-standing experience and innovative technology serves the plastic, glass, flat panel display, PV module, technical textiles, nonwovens, film, foil, metal, paper, optical media and semiconductor industries.  Schenk Vision inspection systems are used and trusted throughout the manufacturing process to increase yield, save valuable time and money, and enhance your reputation for having a better product.

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3-Day AOI training course at Dr. Schenk in Germany

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Ultra-fast Dr. Schenk TDI cameras as used in the Clean4Yield project

Dr. Schenk is one of the 15 partners in this prestigious project

Battery film

德国申克博士公司 (DR. SCHENK) EASYINSPECT设备为深圳市 星源材质科技股份有限公司锂电池隔膜制造提供了可靠保障

Dr. Schenk trade show booth

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wrinkles in film

Dr. Schenk's "Multiplex Technology" is the basis for MIDA - Multiple Image Defect Analysis. One...[more]