Microscope Station for Solar Scribe Inspection

For an optimized cell performance of solar modules the width and distance between scribe lines is crucial. Whereas a too thin scribe line might lead to short or bridge circuits a distance deviation can, in the worst case, lead to crossing of the lines

Based on a high resolution matrix camera the Dr. Schenk Microscope Station for inspecting solar scribes has been developed as measurement solution with focus on this challenge. It is therefore the perfect enhancement to a surface inspection system.

Inspecting Scribes on a Solar Panel

Performed Measurements:

  • Width of scribe line Px
  • Distance of scribe line Px to Py

Key Advantages of Dr. Schenk Solar Scribe Inspection

  • Highest pixel resolution of the matrix camera (< 3 µm)
  • Autofocus function to compensate panel warpage
  • Up to 20 images per panel
  • Optimized illumination unit for reliable images
  • Images taken with no interruption of the panel movement
  • Ideal combination with SolarInspect
  • Also available as Stand-Alone-System

The Microscope Station for solar scribe analysis enables timely reaction on deviations of the solar scribing process and by this helps to increase yield and optimize the production of solar panels.