Layer Thickness Monitoring

With this innovative option PV manufacturers can monitor local thickness variations after layer deposition steps covering the entire panel area. It supports the control of the coating process.

Key Features

  • Use of same hardware set-up as for defect analysis
  • Layer thickness monitoring and inspection performed simultaneously
  • Enhanced technology for processing of optical signals
  • Real time 2D visualization map (see image)

As the thickness monitoring requires high-resolution, low noise cameras and high performance LED illumination units operating at selective wavelengths this measurement option is best planned to be integrated into the inspection system at an early stage. The costs for a second hardware set can, thus, be saved and the solar panel inspection system becomes a true all-around solution.

For layer thickness measurement, as for e.g. in-line spot test or in off-line laboratory situations, Dr. Schenk alternatively offers a technology using a white light spectrometer.