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Battery Film Inspection

EasyInspect for battery film inspection is a reliable in-line inspection solution that detects defects and irregularities in battery film, such as anode, cathode, battery base film and aluminum packaging film.

EasyMeasure monitors porosity, material and coating thickness which are the most important material properties for battery films.

EasyInspect for battery film inspection is used for local defect detection, e.g. for:

  • Pin hole defect detection
  • Particle defect detection
  • Coating void defect detection
  • Gel - oil stains
  • Inclusion defect detection
  • Z Fold defect detection
  • Streak defect detection
  • Die mark defect detection
  • ... and many more!

Typical tasks for EasyInspect for battery film inspection include:

  • Battery separator base film inspection after extrusion,
    after stretching and after coating
  • Negative electrode inspection
  • Positive electrode inspection
  • Tray and battery inspection
  • Aluminum pouch pack inspection

EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for battery film inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology to inspect the material at all production stages and offers the optimal perspective for each defect at all times. MIDA technology inspects battery films with up to 4 optical channels simultaneously on one scan line. This helps manufacturers save money and space in the production line and makes MIDA an ideal retrofit solution for material widths up to 8.7 m. 

This renders our defect classification and material qualification significantly more effective than that of any conventional inspection systems.

Oilstain defect (reflection)
Oilstain defect (transmission)
Pinhole defect (reflection)
Pinhole defect (transmission)
Runnig defect map
Defect histogram